How To Apply For a Payoneer Card

How To Apply For a Payoneer Card

Did you know that you can receive your settlement to your payoneer card.

But first you need to apply for one.

How To Do It.

  1. Log into your Direct pay Online Account.

  2. Click on the link at the bottom of your account page,”Get Your Pre-paid Card Here.”


Kindly connect your card to ours on the below link.

If you  already hold a Payoneer account, you should register through this link CLICK HERE and click on the “already have an account” option as shown on the screen shot below.

This way you will be integrated with us automatically.

You can see more information in the following blog post:

After you have done this, Payoneer have confirmed they will re-send the card to us so we may send it to your address.

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