How To Launch a Direct Pay Transaction

How To Launch a Direct Pay Transaction

Charge your customers when they are in front of you or over the phone using our virtual terminal. One of the most secure payment method as you can verify your customer payments details as in direct contact with your customer (or in person).

For Hotels, you can charge virtual cards from booking engines such as, Expedia and Agoda Cards.

Click on Direct Pay & Fill in all the details

Customer Details:

  • Type in the Email address and click on the ‘Find’ button to search for customer details, if they had paid you before using Direct Pay Online System. If the customer exists, their details are automatically filled in by the system.

  • Fill in the customer details: First Name, Last Name, Address line 1, City, Select Country from the drop down arrow, Zip/Postal address, select Country Code from the drop down arrow, Mobile.

Service Details:

  • Service Type - Select the type of service.  

  • Service Date - This is the actual date the service will be consumed by the customer.

  • Description - Short description of the service to be provided.

  • Order Ref - This is an internal reference for your records.

  • Currency - Select the currency to bill the customer.

  • Total Amount – The total amount you want your customer to pay.

Payment Details:

  • Fill in the Card details or request the customer to do it: Card Holder Name, Card Number, Expiry Date, Security Code.

  • Click on Send Confirmation by email.

Click on Confirm & Charge.

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