How to Upload Products on the Market Place

How to Upload Products on the Market Place

User Guide

How to Update Products in The Market Place.


Welcome to the Market Place

Market Place is an e-commerce website hosted on Direct Pay Online’s website. Hotels, restaurants, airlines, tour and travel operators, artisans and other merchants and service providers using Direct Pay Online’s solutions can list their packages free of charge. The page is integrated to the payment page.
  • If you’re looking for an online marketplace for your product catalog, look no further than Direct Pay Online’s Market Place. Designed especially for travel companies, the Market Place will help you reach more travelers, even during the low season.
This guide will take you through how to;
  1. Add a product
  2. Edit a product
  3. Delete a product
Products Features
When adding a product to your e-Shop, always consider some distinctive features;
If the product will be on sale
The period you want to offer the product

How to add a package or product

Step 1: Login to your Direct Pay Online Account


login.png Direct Pay Online  login .png

Step 2:Select the marketplace module on the top right side of your account.


Step 3: Click on the ‘Add’ Icon as shown below to add a new product.



Step 4: Fill in the product mandatory fields indicated in asterix as shown below:

g3.png t1.png

”From the back end system”                                                  ”The product in the market place”

  • The product pop page contains the following fields
  • 3G Service type  - (e.g. Safari Holiday)
  • Category  - E.g. Travel
  • Sub-Category  - E.g. Safari
  • Product Name - The Name of your product E.g. Northern Circuit Safari
  • Price for the package / product
  • Currency - Select the currency for the product
  • Date - Refers to the date from which the package will be available for purchase
  • Sale price - (Applies for discounted packages)
  • Sale Date - (Refers to the dates when the sale will be available for purchase)
  • Country - Your country of operation
  • City/Region - Your region of operation
  • Description -  Short Product/Package description


    Step 5:Adding Images to your products.
    Click on the product you have created and then click on the tab ‘upload system’.





  • Select your preferred images for the package using the dimension belowMain Image – Not less that 250 x 250 pixels

  • Product Image – Not less than 770 x 520 pixels
  • Save your package

    How to edit a package or product




    Select the package you need to edit




  • Edit the fields you wish to change
  • Click on save. It will automatically save the changes made.

 How to delete a package or product

  • Click on the package you wish to delete
  • Click on the ‘del’ button
  • Click on ‘OK’ on the pop up that appears to complete the process



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